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Custom Surfboards

Unless you are just starting to surf, you probably have a pretty good idea of the surfboard you are looking for, and that's great! A Custom Surfboard is the way to go when you want to get exactly what you want.


Here are a few of the surfboards and options we offer...


We have subtle new rail and tail refinements for high performance boards that have been getting rave reviews, and we think you will like it too. If you would like some suggestions on board types, please ask.

Each board model is available in a variety of lengths and widths with a speed finish to make the board feel like you're surfing on grease! We try to give you a selection that is infinitely customizable to your surfing style and type of waves.


Got Froth?

The BigWood™ Models (Balsa boards) and the Stingray™ Models (Finless boards) are special order only. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Rabid Dawg™ models with the Tunnel Ram hulls! They surf like greased lightning!!! (Pictures coming soon!)


Sticks for Chicks are designed with females in mind. More emphasis is put on better paddling and easier wave catching while still performing well. The secret is a subtle difference in foam volume distribution that helps female surfers get the most out of their board and the waves. The difference is not readily visible to an untrained eye, but you can feel it in the way the boards ride. Try one and see for yourself!

Prices will vary depending on special materials or the exact type & length of the board. (S-glass, multiple stringers, resin tint, air brushing, etc, all cost a little extra.) (We will post a basic price list soon.) The construction time varies, but usually runs a few weeks to maybe, several weeks. -- It depends mostly on the production load at that time, and how many other surfboard orders may be ahead of you in line.

You have a choice of FuturesBoxFutures fin boxes, ProBoxProBoxes, (ProBoxes have inserts that allow you to change the angle of the fins), or ...

... FCS FusionFCS Fusion Plugs for FCS Fins. We recommend the newer Fusion style fin boxes over the original style FCS Fin Plugs.

We will repair older boards with the original FCS fin plugs the board was built with (depending on availability), but we will not install them in a new board. They are too weak and have a far too high of a failure rate. If you look closely, this repair had to have blocks of foam replaced and paint-matched to install the new plugs into.


It is important to us for your new board to be an improvement from your current board. Please include your experience level, surfing ability, style, and what you want to change or improve from your current board.

If you would rather get some guidance and advice from us on what type of board would be best for you, please email us and discuss your options and what may work best for your abilities and where you surf. We will be happy to help!


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FREE Stuff

You get a free basic paint job on every new board as our way of saying thank you for your support & patience during the inconvenience of the new factory construction. You can also choose to get an unpainted board and save $25 more off the total price!
Of course detail painting or air brushing costs extra - depending on the job.



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