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Got Froth?


Get Your Growl On!


Some of these boards should be kept in a cage & fed raw meat!

ChainBoard The name Rabid can mean different things to different people. Frothing, drooling, in a total state of ecstasy, or just that feeling that only a surfer knows. Our goal is to help you take your surfing to the next level, or just have more fun! It all starts with your equipment.

Definition: Rabid™ (adjective) -- marked by excessive enthusiasm for, and intense devotion to, a cause or idea; ex. - "Rabid Surfer"


Whether you have a modern aggressive surfing style, you like skating down the line on a fish, or find your nirvana gliding and weaving on a long board, we can make a stick for you.


The head shaper has 20+ years experience and a degree & background in Engineering Design. We make everything from high performance shortboards, funboards, and longboards, - to old school fish and longboard nose riders.

We have several state of the art HiPer (HighPerformance) Rabid Dawg™ Models with Tunnel Ram shaped hulls on the drawing board waiting for the factory to be finished and ready to be built!
They're 'bad to the foam'!™

We also give discounts to returning customers!


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FREE Stuff

You get a free basic paint job on every new board as our way of saying thank you for your support & patience during the inconvenience of the new factory construction. You can also choose to get an unpainted board and save $25 more off the total price!
Of course detail painting or air brushing costs extra - depending on the job.