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  • I Surf Because...
    I Surf Because... with Andy Irons. - R.I.P. Andy, Sion Milosky, Marvin Foster, Mark Foo, Eddie Aikau, Duke, et al.
  • Leave a Message
    This group of talented girls includes surfers Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Monyca Byrne-Wickey (Hawaii), and Malia Manuel (Hawaii).
  • Shimmer
    When the Roxy Girls light up the best surf spots on the globe, the SHIMMER is blinding. Join superstars Megan Abubo, Chelsea Georgeson, and Sofia Mulanovich as they create sparks in Indonesia, Fiji, Australia, and Hawaii.
  • Girls of Surfing
    SURFERS: Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton, Lakey Peterson, Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Laura Enever, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Carissa Moore, Sage Erickson.
  • Girls of Surfing 2
    SURFERS: Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton, Lakey Peterson, Coco Ho, Malia Manuel, Laura Enever, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Carissa Moore, Sage Erickson.
  • Roxy Surfer Girls
    The Roxy girls really shine in this video.
  • Girls Surf Series 1
    Bikini-ready water temps, sun soaked beaches, and playful surf. Watch the gorgeous surf footage from the Billabong girls surf team while in Tahiti. With Silvana Lima, Paige Hareb, Courtney Conlogue, Felicity Palmateer, Ellie-Jean Coffey, and Catherine Clark.
  • Girls Surf Series 2
    Sun-streaked blondes, palm trees, tanlines, true blue water and colorful surfboards; the girls are surfing the Tahitian playground. With Silvana Lima, Paige Hareb, Courtney Conlogue, Felicity Palmateer, Ellie-Jean Coffey, and Catherine Clark.
  • Girls Surfing Team Training 1 - Hawaii House
    For one week the girls undergo hardcore training, coaching, yoga, and healthy eating. In addition to professional coaches, the girls worked with veteran athletes including Keala Kennelly, Maya Gabeira and Rochelle Ballard. Challenged daily by infamous breaks like Rocky Point, Pipeline, and Waimea Bay, these girls are bound to come back with more than a killer tan.
  • Girls Surfing Team Training 2 - Waimea
    Billabong team managers send their up and coming Billabong girls team out to at Waimea Bay to get their hearts it.
  • Girls Surfing Team Training 3 - Waikiki
    The Billabong girls team heads to the southside of the island to play. Outrigger canoes, tandem surfing on longboards, and the girls talk about why they love surfing.
  • O'Neill Girls Surf Team
    The O'Neill girls surf team on the North Shore of Hawaii. Malia Manuel and Sage Erickson try out the new Spring 2011 swim collection and have some fun with the rest of the team in Hawaii.
  • Kulia Doherty: Kids Who Rip - Amazing Surfer Girls
    Kulia surfing and hanging out with her sister Lani in Maui, Hawaii.
    (This is an awesome video clip. You must see it!)
  • Learn To Surf:For Girls
    Learn how to surf by Schell Michael. Schell began surfing at the age of 4, but at age 15 she really started to explore her surfing abilities. She shares many tips for beginners to follow.
  • How To Be A Surfer Girl in 10 Steps
    'How to be a surfer girl in 10 steps' is a short movie specially done for Surf Film Festibal 2010, San Sebastian. - My two mothers: Ines Mona Santiago and Margarida Girao, produced the illustrations and the animation.
  • Surf Movie
    Billabong Surf Movie
  • Surf TV
    Billabong Surf TV - V1#1
  • Morning Glory
    The Story is pretty simple, 8 surfers are travelling on a luxury boat in the Mentawaï Islands during 10 days looking for the best waves.
  • Repeat After Me; I Am Free
    A Fly On The Beast Documentary - Featuring Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Jason Apparicio, Rangi Ormand, Raine Jackson.
  • Protest To Get There
    Protest To Get There - Surf Movie
  • Let's Play
    Filmed over a couple months consisting of local surfing talent and filmed mostly on the SouthCoast of NSW Australia its tinezmedia first surf film. 27minute Feature Its been along and awaiting concept.
  • Dopamine
    Where There's Smoke - ...your brain releases the drug dopamine giving the same reaction that one gets from thrill seeking, sex, music, humanitarianism, surfing and skating to name a few. Behind all these lurks a brain chemical called dopamine.
  • Dopamine 2
    Where There's Smoke - ...your brain releases the drug dopamine giving the same reaction that one gets from thrill seeking, sex, music, humanitarianism, surfing and skating to name a few. Behind all these lurks a brain chemical called dopamine.
  • The Hot 100
    SURFER Magazine presents the 2012 Hot 100. Featuring the best young surfers in locations all over the globe, the movie is a mind-blowing distillation of the best of the current crop of future stars.
  • Psychology of Big Wave Surfing
    The psychology of big wave surfing with Greg Long. An intimate portrait of the mentality and lifestyle associated with pursuing monstrous waves around the planet.
  • VGT - Mantawai Islands
    Sunny Garcia, Noel Rahme, Koby Abberton, Jake Davis, David Hardy & friends take on Indonesia -Mantawai Islands
  • Laird Hamilton at Teahupoo
    This is Laird's impossible wave at Teahupoo that changed big wave surfing forever. It shows just how amazing Laird Hamilton is.
  • Code Red at Teahupoo
    With forecasts calling for unprecedented surf, some of the greatest surfers in the world descended on the island to be in the water, despite a "Code Red" called by the Tahitian Coast Guard, which sought to keep everyone on shore.
  • Massive Teahupoo
    On April 26th 2008, Teahupoo unleashed its largest swell of the Year. Big Wave surfers and local heros such as Manoa Drollet, Dylan Longbottom, Garrett McNamara and Laurie Towner were there to see and surf it first hand.
  • Heaven or Hell
    Laird Hamilton Surfing Tahiti 'Teahupoo' and Hawaii 'Jaws'...You Should be Dead.
  • Tahiti Free Surf
    Recorded Webcast of the free surf session in the lead up to the Billabong Pro Tahiti presented by Air Tahiti Nui.
  • The Ultimate Wave - Teahupoo
    Kelly Slater: The Ultimate Wave Tahiti - Teahupoo
  • A Broke Down Melody
    Kelly Slater: A Broke Down Melody
  • Dane Reynolds
    Dane Reynolds - Surf Film
  • Chris Ward
    The Chris Ward Project
  • Focus
    Starring: Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Tim Curran, Shane Dorian, Kalani Robb, Donavan Frankenreiter, Keith Malloy, Benji Weatherly, Greg Browing and Rob Machado.
  • Planet Surf
    Team O'Neill boat trip in the maldives' atolls.
  • Icons of Aloha
    Enjoy the entire Icons of Aloha web series in one feature! The 2011 Winter is one to remember.
  • Round House
    Round House Surf Nike
  • No Filter
    Not your typical surf film, #NOFILTER will give you an in-depth, raw look into the lives of some of surfing's elite. Spotlighting pro-surfers Ian Walsh, Damien Hobgood and Bede Durbidge.
  • Analog
    Surf Last Anlalog Video With Chippa Wilson
  • 5ribu
    A short surf film shot around the Indonesian islands over the last 4 years
  • Pipe Masters
    Year after year of outrageous rides, bone-crushing wipe-outs, nail-biting competition and the sort of drama that can only come when you pit the very best against the very worst: some of the most deadly, hairy, out-of-control waves ever seen.
  • Surf Adventures
    Brazilian surf movie.
  • Surf Adventures 2
    Brazilian surf movie.
  • Daze At Sea
    Sit back, and enjoy the new full length film from Billabong starring Jack Freestone, Ryan Callinan, Peterson Crisanto, Ian Gentil and others...filmed in locations like France, South America, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Australia.
  • The Drifter
    Rob Machado and Taylor Steele spent over six months in Indonesia collecting footage for the film. As Indo is home to some of the world's greatest waves, it is not far-flung to believe that the world's most famous soul surfer had the surf trip of a lifetime. But the movie goes beyond that, The Drifter also documents Rob's search for life's deeper meaning.
  • Fair Bits
    The "Taj Burrow's - Fair Bits" surfing DVD starring Taj Burrow, is a selection of short surfing films featuring collaborative efforts from 7 different surfers. It also features chopper footage from 6-ft super tubes, towing into a Malaysian wave pool, and a sequence with Taj, Rob Machado and Kelly Slater attempting to ride a door, shovel, snowboard, skis, guitar case, and a coffee table.
  • Modern Gypsy
    REEF - The Path of the Modern Gypsy
  • Cancer to Capricorn
    Surfing world class waves in exotic locals from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn.
  • Moments
    Moments is the 2011 Quiksilver Surf Team Movie starring Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo and Kelly Slater and featuring Mark Healey, Mikey Wright, Reef McIntosh, Ry Craike, Fred Patacchia, Dede Suryana, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jack Robinson, Kanoa Igarashi, Miky Picon, Aritz Aranburu, Matt Banting, Alain Riou.
  • Moments 2
    Though each rider's style is unique, the film captures moments in time of their common bond...surfing. filmed in Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Reunion Island with appearances from the new crop of Young Guns.
  • No Destination
    Quiksilver: No Destination - Cabrinha 46
  • No Agenda
    Sometimes having No Agenda is a good thing. Global riders, local groms, 1 foot slop, 40 foot chaos, old clips, new clips and everything in between this video has something for everyone... please don't take it too serious...
  • Kerrazy Kronicles
    The "KERRAZY KRONICLES" movie is on the tip of cutting edge performance, Kerr who is known as one of the best aerial surfers on the planet doesn't disappoint when it come to above the lip, his performance on the rail shows a boy who has become a man and his tube riding skills is second to none.
  • Surf Madness
    A glimpse into the twisted, sarcastic and down-right hilarious mind of surfer Sterling Spencer, as he, and a handful of talented friends set off across the globe in search of the ultimate ride.
  • Valley of Scum
    Valley of Scum here we come........check out Ozzy Wrong, Mylee Grace, Rocky River + Hombre Lobo in an animated surf flick from your friends at Veeco productions, handmade by Jimmy James Kinnaird.
  • Peace & Left 2
    Hugues Oyarzabal's new movie Peace & Left 2.
  • Peace & Left 2+
    Hugues Oyarzabal showcases the bonus extras for Peace & Left 2.
  • Peace Left 3
    A 10 month journey between basque country, south america and indonesia... A movie made for the love of freesurfing and the love from our family... welcome to the world of "Peace and Left 3"
  • Blow Up
    The latest surf film from Billabong, shocasing the next generation of talent starring Creed McTaggart, Ryan Callinan, ian Gentil, Jack Freestone, Laurie Towner and Granger Larsen.
  • Get-N Classic
    Vans' Get-N Classic, Volume 1 is several years in the making. But then again, so was building a team that intersects the lives of the most interesting and talented individuals in surfing: Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Pat, Tanner and Dane Gudauskas, John, Ivan and Nathan Florence, Dylan Graves, Alex Knost Andrew Doheny, Kalani Chapman and Jason "Ratboy" Collins.
  • Get-N Classic
    Get-N Classic, Volume 2 chronicles the travels of the Vans Surf Team as they've crossed the globe in search of surf and adventure over the past twelve months. Join Joel Tudor, Nathan Fletcher, Dane Reynolds, Pat, Tanner and Dane Gudauskas, John, Ivan and Nathan Florence, Dylan Graves, Alex Knost, Andrew Doheny, Kalani Chapman, Jason "Ratboy" Collins and Leila Hurst as the most talented and interesting individuals in surfing make their mark at the world's most coveted surf spots.
  • By The Way
    By The Way is a fifteen minute short surf film featuring Sara Taylor, Ornella Pellizzari, Silvana Lima, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, Jenna Balester, Kim Kirch, Jen Smith, Courtney Conlogue, Danica Elbertse, Kaleigh Gilchrist, Rebecca Woods, Sofia Mulanovich, Malia Manuel, Leila Hurst.
  • Electric Wilderness
    Electric Wilderness is a Young Wise Tails Production. Shot on location on a trip to Northern Sumatra with Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Jack Freestone, Clay Marzo, Andrew Doheny, and Dillon Perillo. Music by Travis Tyge and Ben Pecorari as well as Valient Thorr. Made to get you psyched to surf and laugh. Don't light anything on fire.
  • Pulau
    A short surf movie filmed in Indonesia (North Sumatra - Bali) during 2011 season by Ricardo Borghi & Joyce Grisotto.
  • In-Between
    Filmed on location in Morocco Hawaii and Western Australia. Featuring Adnane Benslimane, Miles Kauha'aha'a, Damien Boone, Lewy Finnegan and Joe Jordanoff.
  • Ripple Effect
    Full version of Ripple Effect released in 2000. Featuring surfing from California, Hawaii and Tahiti.
  • Just Add Water
    Have you ever loved something to the point that it becomes what you live for? Meet Clay Marzo, whose passion for surfing defies description. Take a powerful journey through his life, and see Clay literally come alive in the ocean as he rides waves in Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, France, Spain and Australia.
  • Oxbow - Surf Waterman Experience The Movie
    Follow the biggest wave riders and finest ocean athletes, dedicating their lives to the sea by exploring new and exciting ways to ride the most intensely challenging waves in the world !
  • In God's Hands
    Zalman King directed this tale of an international quest for the perfect wave by three professional surfers -- Shane (Patrick Shane Dorian), Mickey (co-scripter Matt George), and Keoni (Matty Liu).
  • Distant Shores
    A surf odyssey to the ends of the earth,
  • Endless Summer
    The crown jewel to ten years of Bruce Brown surfing documentaries. Brown follows two young surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave, and ends up finding quite a few in addition to some colorful local characters.
  • Once Upon A Wave
    Once Upon A Wave surf movie 1959-1962 - Watch as big wave riders Fred Van Dyke, Peter Cole and Ricky Grigg charge on one of the most challenging waves in the world at Sunset Beach.
  • Golden Breed - Complete Old School Longboarding
    The Golden Breed captured surfing at the height of its longboard era. Featuring the sport's top stars, it was beautifully shot in Hawaii, California and other scenic locales.
  • Free and Easy
    Surfers live differently than other people. They live a unique, carefree life. To a surfer only two things are important: the sun and the surf, and this free and easy attitude is depicted perfectly in the classic color film "Free and Easy".
  • The Blue Safari
    This very rare surf movie "the Blue Safari" from 1964 includes huge Redondo Beach Breakwater, Greg Noll surfing out side Pipeline for the 1th time, and much more.
  • Billabong - PUMP
    Occy, Richie, Ronnie Burns, Munga and others ripping Hawaii, Indonesia, Africa and Europe.
  • Bunyip Dreaming
    Munga Barry, Luke Egan, Mark Occhilupo, Marcus Brabant, Ronnie Burns
  • A Hatteras Odyssey
    During spring break in 1975 Dave Bence, Frank Dorenkamp, Pat Fulks and I went on a surf trip to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina from Alexandria, VA. The surf was good but we keep going and drove to Florida to surf at Sebastian Inlet and New Smyrna Beach in Florida.



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