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OrderWe make Surfboards -- with performance in mind. We are Rabid Surfers ourselves, and we never lose that perspective when making surfboards for people that also love surfing and the surfing life. Our shortboards are wave Ripping Tools. We make high performance longboards and funboards, and also old school longboards. Everything from a 5'-6" lip ripper, to CompSands (future) and Balsa longboards.


BoardsSoon there will not only be Surf Shops that distribute our boards, but we will also list boards online that are inStock. You will be able to order a Custom Surfboard from us or most Surf Shops that distribute our Surfboards. It should be approximately the same price either way, plus shipping if you order direct. If you have questions about surfboard Materials, Rocker, Concaves, Fin Setup, or which Foam type or Glassing you should choose, we will be glad to help. Shaped Blank Email Us with any questions you might have. Ordering, Shipping, or any Info you might be curious about. If you are curious about our history and where we came from, we try to answer those questions as well. We are here to serve you! We would be proud to make you your next board, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, or anything in between. We want to help you take your surfing to to next level, or just to help you have more fun by building you a board that is right for you.


Surf-LifeSurf-ChickGot Froth? -- For your entertainment we have a Media page with a boat load of youtube Surfing Videos. If those don't stoke you up and get you frothy, then you don't have a heartbeat! Get your growl on!

There are a lot of things planned for the Media page(s) later on. We have so many things in the works, but it takes a lot of time for all of this to be developed. We hope to grow and get even bigger with your help!

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